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Junior Assistant Instructor Program
The Junior Assistant Instructor program is a leadership team for the older higher rank students. The purpose of this team is to give the Instructor valuable assistance in teaching the children. The Assistant Instructors can give personalized assistance to new students or students needing extra help. Assistant Instructor trainees advance in rank faster than most other students because they imerse themselves in the Martial arts program taking and teaching more classes than other students. Special certification ni comes when students complete the program

Eden helping with stances
Emily and Halley leading class


Leadership is a special componant of martial Arts training. At Karate After School we have several programs for those students who show an apptitude or interest in the Martial Arts.

DEMO Team or Special winning attitude team members are the instructor's helpers. This team is by invitation only. It is a honnor to be selected to the team, and not all students are so rewarded. Swat Team members must have good grades in school, have proper attitude at home, and at school. Students promoted to Junior Assistant Instructors are selected from the Swat team members.

Demo Team practice