Banned Items

Partee Time


Banned Items
No can soda. All drinks must have a top to prevent spills.

No flip flops. They are a trip hazard. They break and kids will take them off. This will expose them to cuts from glass, nails, rocks. And burns from hot pavement. No child will be permitted to go on a field trip with flip flops.

If every student had something to microwave. It would take two and a half hours to heat everything.

No Playdough!
   They eat it!!!

No perminent markers. Lets keep the school nice!

No balls of any kind. Balls result in throwing injuries, as well as damage to lights and ceiling.



Allowed with rules
Cell phones are permitted with rules.  No photo taking of other children, employees or karate classes. No surreptitious recording.  Students must notify person in charge before they call parents. Employees must be made aware of any incidents, problems, injuries before calling parents. This rule insures employees have an opportunity to promptly and safely deal with your child needs

Tablets are permitted but you bring them at your own risk. Please make them non internet capable.

Gameboys and Gameboy games are permitted but MUST be marked with student initials or name.

Cards are permitted, but must be for personel use only. Children are NOT PERMITTED to sell or trade cards or toys while at Karate